Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Road of Life

Happy New Year, Everyone!!! I found this poem, liked it and wanted to share...

The Road of Life

One day as I was climbing up,
the Road of Life to home
I met a stranger coming down
with countenance sad and lone.

I had no time to help him then,
I feared twould mean delay;
with guilty heart I turned aside-
I dared not look his way.

To still my heart I hurried on,
And then I heard a sigh,
I turned and looked and then I saw
A teardrop in his eye.

Forgetting time I spoke to him,
To share with him my cup,
"Dear friend, I fear you're going down
when you should be going up."

With piteous look he turned to me,
"How can I turn around?
For with this load upon my back
I can hardly make it down."

The joyful news I gladly told
of Christ who died for him
To take away the load he had
If he would let Him in.

A gleam of hope came to his face,
the tears began to flow
The load of sin dropped from his back,
His face began to glow.

And now he travels the Road of Life.
Not down, but going up;
To see the glow upon his face
Has mor than filled my cup.

O' Lord forgive the times I've passed
a stranger on life's road,
Not taking time to dry the tears,
Nor helping lift the load.

And give me wisdom, Lord I pray,
that comes down from thy throne,
That I might by thy help and grace
Lead some poor wanderer Home.

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