Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Life of an Eyeglass Case

Just the other day I was taking my glasses out of the case and as I held the case in my hand the thought popped into my head, "OO, I wonder what else I can put it in here...and so began my search...I went to the best place ever to find inspiration...Pinterest, lol

So,  here is my video on just a few ideas and a list of some others.

You can find eyeglass cases everywhere....the local dollar store, goodwill or even the salvation army...The ideas that I showed in the video were a first aid kit, a sewing kit, a on the go fix it kit, and a make-up kit.  The first aid kit you can piece together with items from the dollar tree or another store like walmart, target, walgreens, rite-aide, or cvs. If you want to get a better deal for your dollar I would say a combination of walmart and your local dollar store.

Some other ideas are...make-up brushes, jewelry, a manicure kit, the eyeglass replacement kit...all the little screwdrivers and stuff, electronic stuff like earbuds, small flip flash drives or memory cards, or even a travel kit for the kids (crayons, a little pad of paper and car or legos). Depending on the size and depth of  your eyeglass case will determine exactly what you can put it inside.

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